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These are the final hours to vote at The Deathly Hallows Awards.

So, have you voted yet?

Back in the saddle again!
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After taking some sick leave, I checked voting progress at The Deathly Hallows Awards. Only 179 votes! Is that all you've got?! Time is running out!

The competition in "Best Femmeslash" has been hot all along and the lead has changed several times! Only two votes separate the top 4 fics in that category.

Same situation with the top three stories in "Best Slash" and all of the participants are different.

The top fic in "Best Het" has never wavered. Not even once!

"Best Indie Fic" and "Best Use of Magic" are like a photo finish at a horse race.

So, have you voted yet?

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Now 123 voters at The Deathly Hallows Awards and I'm seeing changes in the leads now!

A new fic is gaining momentum in "Could Be Canon" and "Best Femmeslash." The leading fic in "Best Het" hasn't changed since voting commenced. "Best Rare Pair" is hotly contested! The single fics with the most votes (12 right now) are in "WIP" and "Marauders." But time and more votes will tell........

Have YOU voted yet?
Now 86 voters at The Deathly Hallows Awards but most categories are neck and neck if not three way ties!

I'm surprised that "Best Het Fic" remains unchanged. Someone has finally pulled ahead in "Most Unique Marauders Fic." I'm a Marauder / First War era fan so I'm really interested in that category. Such fun!

Your fandom needs YOU! Have you voted yet?
Only 72 voters at The Deathly Hallows Awards! Is that all you've got?

The biggest lead is only 3 votes so truly, anything still has a chance to win it's category. The biggest surprise to me is that one fic is, and has lead the Best Slash category all along.

Three way tie for the lead in "Could Be Canon" and "Most Unique Marauders Fic" right now!

Nominations are coming in for The Deathly Hallows Awards but the majority are Snape centric or Snape/ slut someone. Except for femmeslash. Did the HP fandom always worship on the altar of Snapedom or has this exploded after the publication of the last book?

So anyway, where are all of the worthy tales that don’t have Snivellus in them? And fics written in other languages. LMM says there are only 2 nominees in that category so I’m afraid she may axe it and disappoint those nominated if there aren’t more.

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Have you done any nominating at The Deathly Hallows Awards yet?

The Deathly Hallows Awards are awards given to Harry Potter fanfiction stories and authors as voted by the fans. Any fic, no matter the rating, pairing, genre or plotline can be nominated so the amount of possible winners is endless! These awards are not exclusive and aim to put the spotlight on up and coming, not-too-well known fics.

We need your votes!

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A mystery and a "bodice ripper" all in one
I adore mystery stories and have begun to seek them out in the HP fandom. So when I saw ”A Safe Place” recc’d on my friends list, I couldn’t resist giving it a read. As I believe is inevitable, it is a “ship fic” written for The R/S Games. The author even billed it as a “bodice ripper” style fic. Well I don’t know if it’s because I do occasionally enjoy those too or if it was just that the author did actually create UST, but I really enjoyed this one!
”A Safe Place”
Summary: Someone is determined to see Remus Lupin, Head of the Dark Creature Legislation and Control Department, dead. Auror Sirius Black is assigned to protect him and in the process, both men find something they never expected.
What worked best for me, the political angles to the story with Lupin as a token minority appointed to gain votes for Minister Bagnold. I also liked the author’s portrayal of Black as a young, tough guy Auror in denial about his attraction to men. The uses of magic in the story as well as characters we’ve met in canon were excellent. There is real suspense and sizzling sex worthy of the bodice ripper designation. The epilogue scene, with Black anxious to make his homosexual relationship public was too easy for a fairly realistic fic up until that point but who am I to deny readers their happy ending. All in all, I found this to be a very entertaining read!


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